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The main offer of most working at home business is the promise of the escape from the rate race. Is this a true fact? Most people I know who work from home actually work a great site harder and longer hours than the nine to fivers on a job. So is the promise of greater free time, more time spent with your family and the escaping of the rate race actually true for people who choose to work at home? As always and as with most things, it's a case of pros and cons. There are benefits and costs associated with both ways of working so lets explore some of the detail contained in each when working from home.
The most likely place to find a work at home job is at your current place of employment. It may take some convincing, but you could discuss a proposal to turn your position into a work at home job. You could start off slowly working at home one or two days per week and eventually allowing you work to be completely done out of your home. Remember, most telecommuters did not get hired to work at home, the position just evolved into a work at home job. Also realize that many companies require that you live close to the main office or have the ability to travel to the corporate headquarters periodically.
    "Over 5.4 million women put their careers
          on hold to stay home with children."
                    - U.S. Census Bureau.

         We help moms work from home while
         contributing to the household income.
Earn Ongoing Monthly Residual Income
" We actually change people's lives "
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We are looking for motivated individuals who are interested in creating financial security along with      making a difference in the lives of others--in their community and in the world.